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How do we get there?

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Project outcomes are only as good as the planning and support mechanisms in place to drive the implementation phases.

Structure guidance is critical to ensure an all inclusive change process. This phase is about starting a conversation. Through this, organizations can revisit existing plans and create room for new thinking.


Guidance for delivering workshops

Before starting the workshops, please read the
Facilitator Guide.





Strategic Innovation

This series of strategic workshops provides a structure and set of tools to encourage innovation in your school. The workshops have also been designed to support building capacity within your organization, increasing the collective power of people to move systems forward by developing innovative practices. Half a day workshops, Medium groups sizes (10 to 20), unless otherwise stated.


Workshop 1: Planning Engagements:

Workshop 2: Creating a shared vision:

Workshop 3: Exploring Possibilities:

Workshop 4: Culture of Innovation:

Workshop 5: Sharing Ideas:

Workshop 6: Implementation:

Workshop 7: Reviewing Progress:

Workshop 8: Continuous Improvement:

Download all Strategic Workshops (ZIP, 11mb)

Strategic Work OneNote (12.5mb)


Skill workshops

This series of workshops provides additional support to manage innovation in your school. These are stand-alone workshops and can be used in any sequence and at any time in support of the strategic workshops. Medium groups sizes (10 to 20), unless otherwise stated.

Building a vision: Fullan's Forces
Building a vision: The P.M.I. model
Building a vision: Using Scenarios
Building a vision: Stakeholder Mapping
Building a vision: Six Thinking Hats
Project Planning: Fishbone Analysis
Project Planning: Priority Matrix

Download all Skills Workshops (ZIP, 14.5mb)


Learning to lead change

The Fullan Workshop Series

Timing and group size optional. This set of workshops supports a deeper understanding of the key drivers in the change process. The workshops encourage the development of innovative approaches to transformed practice.

Download all Fullan PDFs (ZIP, 36mb)
Download all Fullan Videos (ZIP, 528mb)